Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How does one WRITE to twilight, exactly?

Dear Harry,

Something strange happened to me today.  As I was wasting my "real" life away in favor of a more fulfilling one in front of my computer, I stumbled across this site:  I know, I was just as surprised as you are.  Apparently, your fans aren't the only ones who can write letters -- Twilighters can, too! (When they're not too busy angsting and sparkling, I'd imagine.)

Letting my curiosity get the best of me, I spent some time poking around this bizarro, parallel, vamped-out universe, and stumbled across this entry, in which the author mulls about the similarities and differences between Twilight and your fandoms.  Now, as if this weren't already uncanny enough, I nearly blew my wand when I read this following passage:

In fact, Harry Potter crazies are probably weirder than Twi-crazies because of the magic-aspect. And their crazy fans tend to be boys who dress up like boy wizards. Weird. What if there is a LTHP (Letters to Harry Potter)-like site out there right now that makes fun of crazy Harry Potter fans like we do with Twi-fans?
 THAT, Dear Harry, was too much for me to ignore.  I had to say something.  So, I quickly penned this response on your behalf...

Okay. This is.... going to sound a little strange, but... There IS, in fact, a Letters to Harry Potter site. I know, because... I started it with my two best friends, and I also write for it. Here's the URL:
I just happened to run across your site today, because I was making a Twilight-related post, and, well, Google and some other crazy magic happened, and... suddenly, I was reading THIS exact post, and... I'm pretty sure my head exploded.

Seriously. It's such a weird coincidence, I HAD to say something. I don't... really... like Twilight all that much (although, in an odd form of self-flagellation, I've read all the books and seen all the movies. Huh. Goooo figure.), I actually only started reading it because I was looking for something to fill the void left by the conclusion of the HP series. And man, that snazzy display occupying 90% of the prim-o display space at my local Borders was pretty tempting with all of its juicy, blood-red apples of temptation everywhere.

SO. Now you know. And now I know, and so does Harry, as well as all of our Facebook followers, that you guys exist. I, for one, feel much better. It's like I've stumbled into a parallel universe, or something! Anyway, good job! And congratulations on being WAY more popular than we are.

Now, I'll go back to my wizarding, and you go back to your Twilighting, and space and time will no longer be all convergent and confusing and stuff.
I hope you find this satisfactory.  I have yet to hear anything back from the owners of the site, but... since there's all sorts of veggie vamps and stuff running around over there... Let's just hope my poor owl makes it back unscathed....

Ohhhhh NOES.


With Love + Fire Whiskey,
Ashley Rae

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