Dear Harry - An Introduction

Dearest Readers,

With the beginning of the final film installment of the Harry Potter series a mere few months away, my partner and I began lamenting on how profoundly this enterprise of books, movies, videogames, message boards, fan fictions, fan arts, conferences, costumes, boardgames, candy, and now, even an amusement park, had impacted our lives.

After a few hours of sobbing hysterically into our buttbeers [sic], we began to wonder how Harry's super epic confrontation with ultimate evil had affected the lives of some of our other favorite figures from the vast expanses of history and popular culture.

So, we called in quite a few favors, and performed only a handful of morally questionable (and quite possibly illegal) acts, to bring you the responses we have collected here today.  Some are shocking, some heart wrenching, and, a surprising number of them impressively obscene, but all provide the answer to what is quite possibly the most important question of all time, space, and the universe:

If YOU could say one thing to Harry Potter, what would it be?

Thusly, we present to you: Letters to Harry Potter.

With Love and Fire Whiskey,

Ashley Rae + Katy + Nick